Architectural solutions for superior acoustic performance within buildings. The TecNoise division of Tecoustics offers a variety of Design and Product solutions for the architectural discipline to limit the sound transmission between rooms, floors and interior/exterior. Design services can include layouts and interior detailing, modeling and performance assessment.

Floating Floors

Tecoustics has developed a reputation designing, coordinating and installing floating floor systems for our customers. We offer a turnkey solution for your floating floor specification, from supply through to installation. Floating floors are commonly used in mechanical rooms for acoustic control, or in gymnasiums, music studios and weight rooms as a form of impact control. Floating Floors can also be custom designed for sensitive equipment to limit building vibrations and noise from entering sensitive space containing high-performance equipment such as Electron Microscopes, Airport Baggage scanning slabs and MRI or similar Machines. Tecoustics has designed and supplied hundreds of thousands of square feet of floating floor systems.

Walls & Ceilings

Performance room to room is critical. Tecoustics offers a full range of rubber and spring products to limit acoustic transfer between rooms and floors, and to limit transfer of noise and vibration between Exterior and Interior walls of the building. Commonly isolated rooms are Recording Studios, Control Rooms, Mechanical Rooms, Laboratories and Meeting rooms where there is a large difference in the performance requirement room to room.