Designing and supplying solutions to control, direct, limit and guide expansion or contraction of systems within or between buildings and equipment. The TecTherm division of Tecoustics has an extremely developed arsenal of Engineering Tools and Product solutions to support the design and execution of the thermal engineering requirements of any project.


With in depth knowledge and execution of mechanical and structural engineering disciplines, integration of complex equipment and service streams can be simplified. Through innovative use of non-traditional componentry and technologies, increased system life span and service intervals can be achieved. Lean philosophies help us deliver safer, higher quality solutions that minimize operatives on site.


Services can range from Design and Application Layout of Controls and systems, to full engineering including detailed system modeling and advanced FEA analysis on piping systems and supports to precisely predict movement, loads and behavior of systems and their supports. Product supply can range from standard to custom for any load and movement requirement, including structural steel, supports and attachments.


Vertical Risers

Tecoustics is an Industry Leader and Innovator in the High-Rise market. The TecTherm division incorporates application engineering and products of all types to provide the best solution for the specific building, system, performance and space constraints. The TecTherm division provides detailed design through to site service to maximize value for the customer. Tecoustics has completed hundreds of vertical thermal projects throughout Canada and the US, from High-Rise, to Supertall.

Horizontal Distribution

Design and Product solutions for horizontal distribution within buildings and equipment. The TecTherm division provides the experience in design, detailed analysis, support design and product supply for horizontal expansion systems and distribution rooms. Services can range from layout and support design to full analysis, specification and fabrication and packaging.

E Myatt

E Myatt products are high-performance specialty Piping Products and Technologies. Tecoustics acquired the E Myatt brand and product range in 2020 and it is now managed as a subset of the TecTherm division. Since then, Tecoustics has leveraged its advanced engineering and analysis capabilities and infrastructure to add value to the E Myatt product and service offering. E Myatt provides Piping Support and Technology solutions to the Industrial Equipment and Systems sector, and Heavy-Duty Pipe Supports on construction projects. Specializing on custom static supports and dynamic variable load supports utilizing common and exotic materials and finishes, E Myatt offers a range of products to meet any performance and support requirement. Tecoustics is proud to enhance the E Myatt offering through our in-house design and manufacturing.