Supplier of Mason Industries products

Tecoustics Limited Designer & Supplier

Tecoustics carries a large inventory of Mason Industries Spring Mounts, Neoprene, Seismic Controls and a variety of other products in Burlington, Ontario.

specializes in the design and application of products used to control noise, vibration and shock.


The Tecoustics business is organized into specialized divisions each supported by leadership, subject matter experts in design and engineering, project management and logistics. The specialization of each division ensures our clients are provided with enhanced service and responsiveness tailored to the project specific requirements.




The TecNoise division focuses on Vibration Control, Seismic Restraint and Architectural Acoustics projects and supply streams. Tecoustics has partnered with Vibro-Acoustics to offer Industry Leading Vibration Control and Seismic Restraint product solutions to our clients. The focus of the TecNoise division is to provide Value-Adding solutions and to work at a cadence inline with the fast-paced construction industry.


The TecTherm division offers industry leading expertise, product applications and solutions to the expansion and contraction constraints on New and Retrofit construction projects. With a precision-focus on High Rise buildings, the TecTherm division has completed hundreds of Riser projects with demonstrated mastery in design, product integration and application.


The Tecoustics Heavy division offers complex engineering, fabrication, feasibility, logistics and installation to the Heavy Industrial and Facility Asset Integration markets. This specialty division has completed weldments and fabrications exceeding hundreds of thousands of pounds, and integrates specialty streams of mechanical and structural design to offer static or dynamic motion solutions containing robotic, mechatronic, electrical and gas sub-systems.


Tecoustics broad spectrum expertise and capabilities allows us to continuously innovate in advance of industry trends.

With a focus on Lean Principles, Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) and Agility, Tecoustics has the ability to provide solutions to the most demanding project integration schemes.



FEA Analysis & Simulation


Physical Testing


Tecoustics offers Engineering, Design, Vibration Control, Seismic Restraint, Architectural Acoustics, Thermal Expansion, and Fabrication solutions to the New and Retrofit Construction Industry. Our primary focus is the Healthcare, High Rise, Energy, Big Data, and Industrial Markets. Tecoustics provides solutions for the most demanding project requirements utilizing complex designs, exotic materials, and integration of specialty engineering and design streams.