Turnkey Solutions for the Mechanical or Electrical Contractor, Acoustician, Engineer, Architect and Equipment Manufacturer

Tecoustics has a wide variety of product and design services available for the Mechanical and Electrical Contractor, Acoustician, Engineer, Architect and Equipment Manufacturer. As a supplier of Mason Industries products, we carry over 3000 products to suit any vibration control or seismic requirement.  Our in-house design team specializes in the application of these products, and offers consultation services to our clients.    Some of our services available are listed below.

Vibration and Acoustic Control

Tecoustics main focus is the design, supply and application of Mason Industries vibration control products.  We carry a large inventory of steel spring, neoprene and natural rubber isolators for use on a variety of different equipment types and suspended services such as piping.  We also aid the client in specification interpretation to ensure the client’s requirements on a project or equipment supply scope are met.  Regularly stocked products include spring mounts, neoprene mounts and pads, and spring and neoprene hangers for suspended equipment, piping and services.

Seismic Design, Supply, Consultation and Certification

Tecoustics works with the Mechanical and Electrical contractors as well as equipment manufacturers and can provide a wide range of services related to the seismic requirements of their project, design, or equipment.  Tecoustics specializes in the project management of seismic based projects, being a single-point of contact for the design, supply, on-site coordination and certification of projects which have seismic requirements.  Our areas of focus include:

  • Full service design and project management for the mechanical or electrical contractor’s entire scope of work – This includes full review of all major equipment and suspended services
  • Full range of Mason Industries seismic control products – this includes seismically rated isolation mounts for equipment, seismic roof curbs, and sway bracing systems for suspended equipment, piping, ductwork, cable tray, conduit or suspended services
  • Anchorage analysis on all equipment
  • Full shop drawings submittal packages for Mechanical and Electrical contractors including:
    • Anchorage analysis for all equipment
    • Installation shop drawings for all equipment
    • Layout and coordination drawings for suspended services, including bracing layouts
    • Full calculation package
  • Equipment Fragility Analysis – For equipment suppliers, often they are required to provide a seismic certification for their equipment stating it’s construction is suitable for the intended install location.  Tecoustics can provide a full analysis submittal, complete with certification for any Mechanical or Electrical equipment.
  • On-site coordination – Tecoustics prides itself for it’s customer service.  We focus on ensuring the project manager, site super intendent, and installation coordinator of the project have everything they need to bring seismic installations to completion under budget.
  • Project Review & Certification – Review entire mechanical, electrical or sprinkler installations and provide a Professionally Sealed certification report for the project, stating it is in compliance with the governing building code.

Neoprene and Stainless Steel Flex Connectors

Tecoustics carries a full line of Mason Industries and Mercer Rubber neoprene and stainless steel flex connectors for a variety of applications.  We have product solutions for equipment misalignment, hazardous or high temperature applications, pipe or pump born noise problems, and can custom manufacture any neoprene or stainless steel flex connector to a customer’s specifications.

Floating Floor Systems

Tecoustics specializes in the design, supply and installation of Acoustical Floating Floor systems, which are used as acoustical treatments for mechanical rooms, bowling alleys, and music studios.  Complimentary to our line of floating floor systems is a wide range of architectural acoustic products such as suspended ceiling components and floating wall system products.

Expansion Systems

Our design services include a full range of solutions for any thermal expansion system problem.  We offer design services and products for horizontal piping expansion systems, and specialize in the expansion of vertical pipe riser systems.  Complimentary services can include pipe stress analysis and the design of services crossing a building seismic joint.

Project Management

A large part of Tecoustics success comes from the philosophy of quick and complete customer service.  Tecoustics can ensure the success of your project by being the single point of contact for your project’s vibration control and seismic requirements.  We offer on-site collaboration and coordination services during equipment or suspended services installation, and aid the contractor with the layout and application of seismic controls.  During the tender stage, we offer specification consultation regarding interpreting the seismic and vibration sections of the project’s specification.

Integration & Fabrication

Tecoustics works in close conjunction with a variety of OEMs to provide them with a vibration or seismic control solution custom tailored to their equipment or project.  We have a full design and fabrication service to integrate vibration and or seismic controls to any assembly, as well as custom design and fabricate equipment support frames for large span or height restrictive equipment.

Please contact us for further information on any of our services.


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