OEM Integration

OEM Integration

Design and Integration of Vibration and Seismic Controls, for Original Equipment Manufacturers

For several years, Tecoustics has built a reputation offering high-quality and innovative designs to adapt vibration and seismic controls to existing or new equipment.  OEM manufacturers save time on design and specification interpretation by allowing Tecoustics to provide a vibration and/or seismic control solution suitable for the client’s project specifications.  We work specifically with the mechanical, electrical and industrial trades to integrate a wide variety of complimentary products to the client’s equipment, from high deflection isolation, to seismic snubbers, to flex connectors.  View and assemble your equipment in 3D with our products integrated into your assembly.

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Full Solutions

Equipment manufacturers often struggle to change their design quick enough to meet evolving specifications during production.  In addition to offering a wide range of vibration control and seismic products, Tecoustics also provides full design consultation, specification interpretation and customer service.  Whether your specification calls for your equipment to be tuned to a certain natural frequency, or lists a required static deflection, Tecoustics can provide a cost-effective design to integrate the requirements into your existing equipment design.


Site Conditions

Site conditions do not always allow for easy adaptation of isolation or seismic controls.  Tecoustics specializes in providing a solution tailored to the constraints of the allowable space.  Some common example of site specific constraints would be:

Mechanical & HVAC


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